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Which Webmail is better?

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I just want to have 1 webmail account. However, there are so many to choose from such as:

1. Google

2. Yahoo!

3. Windows Live

4. AOL

...and others...

Which is better in your opinion? Which one is more beneficial than others? What's the difference?

*And by the way, what is a good website to ask questions and get answers for it?

Thanks for your help. :)

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I've always loved gmail;

1- It can be used with thunderbird or Apple's Mail... because it has POP (unlike Windows Live/hotmail)

2- Massive size and storage capacity

3- Easy to access from google and good homepage integration

4- Navigation and features is good... eg- searching messages, messages display preview of content, etc

5- Can still be used with MSN Messenger with a .Net passport.

I'm now however switching over to Apple's "Mobile Me"... for a number of reasons;

1- iDisk integration on the web means you can access files etc anywhere

2- Web 2.0 format... really smooth

3- iCal, Address Book, iWeb... all at your fingertips where ever you are.

4- Integrates with the iPhone with "push"... Meaning everything stays in sync

5- Multiple "Alias" email addresses and identities available with one account

6- I got my "free" .Mac account upgraded at no cost (I did apple sales training and got a free account woohoo!)

7- I have a mac and soon an iphone. Match apples with apples and life is sweet!

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I used Yahoo for a long time and liked the functions. But for two years now, some functions (like e-mail forwarding) have been moved to the paid version of it (if you register a new account).

I'm using Windows Live now only because I could get a unique address and at the same time it's quite functional for me :P

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+2 For Windows Live being utterly shite. gMail gives literally everything that most people need, masses of storage, POP and IMAP access... can't fault it.

MobileMe is good for me as well because you get the email, webspace, calendar and contacts syncing, which is great as I have an iPhone but for most people it's a bit overkill.

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would only be like $5-$10 off if there was... log into the education store online and find out.

Theres no point buying mobile me over gmail or hotmail unless you're going to use an iphone or the online calendar, contacts or ical ... in summary- only good if you have a mac+iphone combo.

If got an iPod Touch and I am going to buy a iPhone and a Mac after the holidays. I tryd to register for a trial, but I don't have a credit card :(

Windows Live and bullshit? Thats funny, I am using it on my computer and it's running very smooth and very fast, did you ever tried it? It sounds to me like an, I hate everything Microsoft does thing, like it has been with Vista :slant:

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Couldn't have said it better myself. They force us to use that crap for our school email. YUCK!

Gmail rocks!! So much so, that I forward my work email to Gmail just to be better organized. The search function is excellent, the chat integration is excellent, the grouping of emails into a conversation is excellent and NOTHING beats the storage space!!

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Apple has never given students a discount on .Mac/MobileMe. The only discount I've seen is $30 off the subscription with the purchase of a new Mac.

Okay, I found out, that a MobileMe subscription is only 79€ a year, that's not so much

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