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Why don't you ask Yukihatsu, the original creator of the screenshot? I'm sure if you have to do this to get it, it's not for anyone besides him.

"Blah, whoever invented NFR was an elitist bastard ¬_¬"

Whoever "invented" NFR didn't want the stuff that they made to be spread everywhere.

Are they bad for not wanting their things taken by just anyone? Get it straight, damn.

EDIT: The **** is wrong with people?

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It´s mine, it´s mine, nobody has, but me ...lalalalaaalala.... , but nontheless I show it, just to make you jealous ...lalallallaaalaa....

How old are those guys...

Andy is 17.

Just because you don't have it doesn't give you the right to belittle someone else.

He's a friendly guy, and if you have respect for his work, you'll stop asking other people, and JUST ASK HIM.

You make me ****ing RAGE.

I'm 16, how old are you? 5?

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I don't see the problem with NFR. What if they take an idea that was not theirs, and give their twist on it, like in that shot. It's obviously not their decision to share it. Most of the people who complain should either make it themselves, or ask the author. Not a very hard concept to grasp.

EDIT: To bjorn, you must be out of your ****ing mind if you think people who make items and keep them as NFR are trying to show them off. They share it with trusted people. http://widgets.yahoo.com/widgets/yahoo-mail-checker. Learn to mod and make things yourself. People like you who whine and belittle people who keep things to themselves make me sick. Don't be jealous that you don't have it, make it yourself.

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