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Corrupted title bars in every window...

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Heres a screenshot... im under XP SP2, FlyAKite 3.5 and WindowBlinds 6.1...

Just formatted my HD (trojan...) and they were corrupted BEFORE installing Finderbar, Findexer and Styler, so it's not a compatibility issue, strange thing is that everything was working fine before the Windows reinstall, im using the same theme i had (Leopard Glass) and the same happens with every other WB theme.

So far ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling every app, tried applying/Re-applying the skin several times, applying the skins with the "Classic Windows Style" in "screen properties" and still no luck...

Maybe there's something i forgot to install, that i have installed before the windows crash...??

Any ideas??

EDIT: I checked every box in "System Files" when installing FlyAKite, could it be a conflict with the .dll's?? or the uxtheme patcher??... FlyAKite's default "Tiger" theme works fine...

I'm not sure if i did the same when the skins were working normally...


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Ehm..... does it makes a difference?? :P

Yeah.. cracked WB... i tested the same theme in another computer with normal XP SP2 and it's working fine...

So either... its a conflict with any FlyAKite dll or it's my punishment for been a pirate... arghh arghhh¡¡¡

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Well, after another XP reinstall finally got it to work :P...

the problem was a damn virus called "ckvo.exe", i have 2 HD's with 2 partitions each, and the bastard was living in one of the partitions which i didn't formated, so... long story short, i formatted EVERY partition (after an external HD back up of course) reinstalled XP, WB and it's working.

This virus is spread via Flash USB's as long as i read, but NOD32 could not clean it from my PC so every time Windows boots, automagically it screws the registry, hence the corrupted titlebars and some other device problems.

Anyways... thread closed.

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