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=Tech9= Call of Duty 4

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For all those who play Call of Duty 4 on the PC. We, =Tech9= are a squad that plays CoD4 Hardcore. We have our own game server, which runs Hardcore, all maps, with an unlimited score limit with 20 minutes to each map.

We are about a week old, and already we have 12 members. Compared to others, we're taking off fast. Right now, the three admins (co-founders, next to me), MM3 (me), Dan (gimpomatic), and Killa (non-aquasoft-registrant) are now expanding to try to get more people to play and more recruits.

So, if you do play, come check us out in our server. We got teamspeak and GSC as well. Check the banners below for info.

GameTracker Clan Page (about 30 seconds old :P)

You can visit us on Teamspeak = tech9.twogeeksonesite.com is the address

Add us to your favorites on CoD4 as well! OR mm3.twogeeksonesite.com



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I never understood why people play the PC version..

Compared to the 360 version, I found the PC to be awkward, with several flaws, and a lagging aimer (On a 1 year old, $1,200 gaming computer).

To each his own, though, I suppose.

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