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Another Commercial Macintosh Clone

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...so what happened to good ol' Apple that shut down companies like this within weeks of their birth? Psystar has been shipping Mac OS X-based PC's for months now without so much as a word from Apple, and now several more have acted including a few commercial patches.

I honestly wonder if OS X is coming closer to a universal, PC release. Each version since Tiger has been easier and easier to install without hacking. Hell, Snow Leopard was hacked a day after it's WWDC release. It's fairly obvious that Apple is readying itself for an enterprise market with the new iPhone and inclusion of MS Exchange, so releasing OS X to the PC market while consumers are refusing to upgrade to Vista probably wouldn't be a bad idea. If Snow Leopard were to be PC-compatible, being released one year before Windows 7 would give it enough time to eat into Microsoft's market share.

None of the factors that destroyed Apple after making this decision in the 80's and 90's applies any more either, since their market share is in iPod, iTunes, and the iPhone now. They're Intel rather than Motorola-based as well, so they would be competing directly with Windows rather than competing with "PC's". If nothing else they could pick specific vendors such as Dell, Sony, and HP to sell computers pre-installed with OS X, seeing as these are the larger companies and they wouldn't have as many hardware compatibility problems to screw around with.

I don't see much of a downside to it, personally.


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No, what I mean is they couldn't release it as is.

They would have to have checks for hardware, and that would slow down an awful lot of stuff.

For example, a version of Crysis coded specifically for my card would be massively faster, however seeing as it's going through a hardware abstraction layer, it's a lot slower. Same goes for an awful lot of things.

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My PC and my Laptop both aren't something you could call good looking, but I'd never think about buying a PC that looks like a fracking diskotheque.

I hate too much lightning. It's butt ugly, no matter the OS.

I agree. Personally, I would love to install it on an ASUS U6E though. Leather palm rests ftw.

I've constantly brought up this topic in the exacct manor you did, finally someone sees what I see!!

Our eyes are conjoined after all. I got ripped apart on deviantART for mentioning this in the Mac OS forum earlier in the year though though. xD

I like it. Just... when done tastefully.

I hate their site, though. Why disable right click? It screws up my mouse gestures no end, and if I want the pictures, I'll grab them from source. Ugh.

Yeah it's pretty annoying and pointless. :P

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