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Fly A Kite: how to change logon/boot skins...

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Hi, i want to replace both skins, so far ive tried replacing bitmaps 100 and 2005 in the Windows/FlyAKite/logonui.exe folder and it worked (kind of...) i replaced the background (100.bmp) between the "loading" and "logon" screens... but as soon as the logon screen appears it changes to the aqua wallpaper again. Also i replaced the logon window (2005.bmp) but when i reboot it doesn't change.

Ive found this thread http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/archive/ind...hp?t-32467.html about this same issue, and at the very bottom there's a post about a tool in version 3.5 that makes it easy to change system files, is it "Force System File Update" ??

Can somebody help me? also i cant find the folder where the bootskin is located...

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1 Go to x:WindowsFlyakiteResources

2 Open desired FOLDER. In your case Logonui.exe folder.

3 Replace desired item. in your case, the file 100.bmp

4 Go to x:WindowsFlyakiteTools

5 Click/ open Force System File Update.exe

6 Check 'logon screen', click Update button

7 Restart.

Use this method everytime you want to change anything regarding your system.

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