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All y'all pipsqueaks better not laugh...

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+1 for KAWSquared's idea. :D

Good thing is, we don't have much of this re-union culture here in schools here (in India). I'm not much keen on meeting my old schoolmates (at least most of them), those who matter.. keep meeting me anyways.

One thing less to remind me my age. :P (come to think of it, it's been almost 14 years since my school, if it makes you feel any better)

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jesus, i'm so old. i just got a call for my THIRTIETH high school reunion. gonna go slit my wrists...

(that should read "y'all")

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jings... I didnt even realise you were that old... :P

lol, I just assumed you were what 30 something... not 50?

HAHAHAHA..... sorry no offence intended, I respect my seniors ;)

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