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How to make the genie effect faster for RK launcher


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Upgrade your graphics card is the way :)

I wish I could, I"m using a laptop, so I really can't upgrade anyways, But once I start working again, I'll just probably buy a new laptop

Im thinking of buying the new dell studio 15 I'm getting it with the ATi Radeon HD

so I'm pretty much set with that

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Mine is probably about 1.5x faster now, thanks alot! :)

from what i've noticed, if my iTunes isn't converting movies, it's like really fast, I tested this with iTunes opened and was converting my movie... and I open my "My documents" I click minimize, Soon as It opened... It was terribly slow!!

But after the conversion was done, I click minimized again it's like mac

I guess it also depends on what's running in the background

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wow it looks like its working for a lot of people :)

Hey bro, do you think there's an update to this swiftsahder?

they should make one that actually makes it look like a osx

minimize fast like osx, mine is close to osx speed, but deff not the same though

also RK launcher should make a new genie effect, with minimize and maximize from dock effect

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