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Lower-cost iPod nano soon, 15m new iPhones

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[newsimg]http://www.aqua-soft.org/media/news/0ff4aa029b9b4e4fb17e791d344492b0.jpg[/newsimg]Apple is preparing significant changes to the iPod nano as it prepares a dramatic ramp-up in iPhone 3G shipments, according to a report by FBR Research analyst Craig Berger. The investment expert now anticipates an updated, lower-priced iPod nano in the near future on top of refreshes for both the iPod classic and iPod touch. Further details are unavailble, though Apple has traditionally increased capacities of the iPod in August or September as flash memory and hard drive technology improves; the company took the unusual step this year of doubling iPod touch capacity to 32GB just a few months after the product was introduced.

Apple is also now said to be increasing its iPod production to match and is estimated to be building 15 percent more of the media players than it did with Berger's previous check, although he adds that the shift is now more towards the iPod nano and classic rather than the iPod touch, which has regularly been Apple's second-strongest iPod in terms of online Apple Store sales since its debut. The move is reported to push Apple's profit margins down for the sake of maintaining or growing iPod sales share.

Equally important is a large boost to iPhone production, according to additional reports. The analyst says that his firm now sees Apple shipping about 15 million iPhone 3G units over the course of the summer and fall quarters, or more than the 11 million estimated just last month. Seven million of these are due to be made in the July-to-September period alone, he adds. The numbers don't include production of the now discontinued original iPhone, about two million of which were believed to have been made during 2008.

With the increased production, Apple is now expected to readily surpass the goal announced last year of shipping 10 million iPhones during 2008, which it estimated at the time would give it one percent of the world cellphone market. The increase is also believed to help the bottom lines of Broadcom and Marvell, both of whom have chipsets in the new handheld.

Berger also concludes that Mac shipments are also stepping up in anticipation of end-of-year demand, with production increasing between 10 to 20 percent. Apple is poised to "knock the cover off the ball" and not only recover its iPod share but essentially sidestep any American or European economic downturns in the process, the analyst says.



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Interesting. Anyone know if apple plans to drop the 8GB iPod Touch Model and drop the prices for them too? Apple usually does that...

Off topic, but you know what i noticed? At least 95% of the A.S. community spells iPod "iPod", not ipod, Ipod, etc. That's geeky :P.

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I want to believe that Apple is redesigning the Nano...

I find it ugly still! ... usually Apple products grow on me, but I just dont like the fat nature of it.

I think Apple should revert to the "slim" 2nd Gen iPod nano shape... with the new big screen!... yes I know it wont fit!.... unless! you rotate the screen.... then whenever your watching video you just rotate the iPod and view it on its side.

that way you preserve the slim sexy style of the 2nd gen ipod as well as better video... and also a longer screen for more songs on a list etc.

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You have a point... lol

You know the Zune had some great ideas, like "Song Squirting"... the only trouble is, Microsoft sort of doesnt have any Market Share in the MP3 player business for it to be successful.

They invented an idea that would have been great for the iPod, but ohh so impractical for the Zune.

So who here has a Zune, seriously?... SQUIRT!

(No I do NOT own a Zune)


Wonder what the new iPod Classic capacity will be? 250? 320?

While the thought of that is luxurious, do we really need to go to those extremes?... This is an MP3 player first not a portable hard drive, lol.

I'd much rather see them keep the same capacities but make the move to flash (and hopefully keep the same prices)... This would allow them to be slimmer and more resistant to shock damage.

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A flash based iPod of 160 of 250 would be groundbreaking. Although if SSD HDs are any indication, very expensive. Although it would make the ultimate portable HD.

The one complaint about the classic is that the album art tends to lag.

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This is an MP3 player first not a portable hard drive, lol.

Speak for yourself! Most people I know who owns a Classic has less hard drive space than the Classic does. So, they use it as a Thumb drive and have their school work, etc on it (their excuse for having it during class ;))

Quite a few people like the idea of having it with large space to have other things besides media on it. I myself, like the idea.

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So who here has a Zune, seriously?... SQUIRT!

(No I do NOT own a Zune)

I'm thinking of getting one now that they've come to Canada. Played around with my friend's Zune 8 for a while, and it isn't as bad as I thought it to be. And I really don't give a damn for song squirting.

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You know even after owning an iPod touch for 3 months, I still have a lot of iLove for my 1st generation nano. It fits in the change pocket in my jeans and I can pause it without looking down (though PocketTouch certainly comes close to that - just can't turn off the backlight all the way). Even after existing for three (?) years it's still "500 songs, impossibly small." I still use the nano for daily listening and the touch for going out and looking for WiFi or checking e-mail in the airport or something.

What I'd like to see Apple do is create an accelerometer-based nano that still has the "tall and slim" appearance of the 1st/2nd gen, but with the click wheel lower so as to allow a taller screen. That way you could rotate it to watch video on a screen that would probably be 16:9 or some other sexy widescreen aspect ratio. And still maintain the physical click-wheel that gives you tactile feedback when you push pause with the player in your pocket. That's where the Touch gets in the way - if you want to change anything, you have to give it your undivided attention by removing it from your pocket, double-tapping Home, and looking on the screen to find the pause/next track/volume button.


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Misspelling of the iStuff drives me crazy. The worst one is "I-pod" it makes me want to shoot myself.

Agreed. I could write a book on Apple grammar, and I probably should to educate people. :D Also I don't get why everyone's saying iTouch for the iPod touch. No one says iNano, iMini, or iShuffle for the other iPods so why iTouch? I either call it an iPod or just touch, but not iTouch. No offense to those who call it that but... why?

People who require a lot of HD space on their iPod = don't get out of the house. What's the point of getting a portable media player if you're never outside of the house? Pure geek land.

Isn't it the other way around, since the longer you're out of the house the more music and video you need to entertain yourself?

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