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Where to get it:


What is it:

What happens, when you have a multimonitor setup such as this one:

First screen: 1024 x 768

Second screen: 800 x 600

And you want to apply a 2560 x 960 multimonitor wallpaper, which was done with a dual 1280 x 960 setup in mind?

Well... you will have to split it into two 1280 x 960 slices, resize them to 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 for the first and second screen, then make a new image with both, and apply that as the wallpaper.

Sounds like a lot of job, ain't it?

No more. Now you can use MultiWallpaper. Just select a folder, browse the pictures, click on one and MultiWallpaper will do all the nasty job for you and you will (almost) instantly see the picture resized and cropped and anything else needed, applied to your desktop.

Here is an example on a dual monitor setup with 1152 x 864 and 800 x 600 second screen:


And of course, here is what I see when I put my monitors side to side:



Requires GDI+.

If you have Windows XP SP 2, Windows 2000 SP 4, Windows Vista, or better, you already have GDI+ so don't worry and go ahead.


Unzip to a folder such as C:Program FilesMultiWallpaper

Then go to that folder, right click MultiWallpaper.exe and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) and you are done.


Delete the folder. MultiWallpaper does not leave files anywhere else, and it doesn't use registry settings.


Choose a folder. All the folder's pictures are shown below. Click on a picture. You'll immediatly see the picture applied to your desktop. Then just close MultiWallpaper, or choose other picture.

You don't need to leave MultiWallpaper running to keep the wallpaper there.


Open Notepad, write some text, and save it as "this_is_not_a_picture.jpg" (be sure to enter the quotes " " else Notepad wil add .txt to the extension).

Then open Multiwallpaper and select the folder where you saved this_is_not_a_picture.jpg. MultiWallpaper should crash or do something funny.

This section is, as you may have noticed, a joke.


MultiWallpaper has an ugly icon. This is because I'm not a graphics designer or an artist and -yes, I admit it- I don't know how to do cute icons.

If you have a better icon and want to contribute it to me, I'll consider using it (anything that is better than my icon will be ok).

This section is not a joke.


This program is freeware.

It is not released under the GPL license so don't ask for the sources.

You can freely distribute this program as long as it remains unmodified.

I'm not liable for any direct / indirect consequences of usage / misusage of this program, etc...

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Awesome stuff once again. :)

I wish this was there when I was using dual-monitor setup. Offcourse it was both 1280x1024 monitors. So the splitting wasn't much of a job. But I really wished there was some automated way to split those hugeass 2560 walls.

And you know the funny part... the wallpaper that you're using in your example screenies. I was using that for long time on my dual-monitor setup. :)

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If you have a better icon and want to contribute it to me, I'll consider using it (anything that is better than my icon will be ok).

I'm working on a few things right now but when I get some time I will put something together for you(if no one beats me to it). I tried to use it but nothing happened, I just recently bought all the parts for this computer and I'm new to dual monitors. Right now I'm having problems with the system recognizing the primary monitor so that is why your app probably wont work for me. If I get it figured out I would love to use this would you consider an option for a tray icon to show hide app instead of minimizing it.? If so I could add that to the main icon also.

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