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Name your favorite TV show

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bobobobobobobo (WTF?!?!?!?), yougayhoe... they all make me want to pull my hair out >.<

Family matters is just horrible. That one geeky kid's voice makes me want to throw my tv out the window and have it land in a pile of feces and then puke out the same window and have my vomit land on the set.

yes, i hate his voice that bad.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Yougayhoe?? Hilarious!!

I agree that there is some pretty dumbass anime out there but there's a lot of good stuff too. Naruto is good...if you watch the english dub it's complete bull but the subbed version is much better. I can't take the whiney english voices...

Urkel from Family Matters was pretty annoying...i'm glad they took that crap off tv!

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Lol, Mango.

How can you say Avatar sucks? It's one of the top rated shows on TV.com. Really good one too, good animation, and no stupid names or yelling when they do Karateh!

So now you care about ratings and what other people think? Whatever.

Anyways, shows like Naruto, Avatar are pretty mediocre overall, but I wouldn't call them terrible. It's shows like the crap that gets put on Cartoon Network nowadays or whatever that gives anime a bad name.

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Eh, it's OK. Watchable, early on a Saturday morn, when really all you want to do is be in bed, but you can't take waking up at midday again, knowing that this show is something that can keep you awake until you won't collapse back into the loving embrace of sleep...

Err, <_<

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Funny topic :D

My favorites?

The Simpsons (not the very first seasons)

Futurama (not the last season…)



Desperate Housewives

Sex & The City

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis (they stop the diffusion here :()

Dead Zone

I'm waiting to see a rediffusion of The Sopranos, I don't seen it but I heard very good criticises about it :).

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Still my favourite is X Files. Before that I never saw so many hi tech thinkings. They have explore each part so superb that you started to believe that this is true.

However in corner of my heart I do believe that these kind of things which shown in X files exist in this planet and universe.

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