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Name your favorite TV show

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Lost, CSI (NY and Las Vegas), AFV :D, American Dad, Family Guy, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and that's it...

The Simpsons and Friends are aired every day, every week, every month, every year since 1995 here in Belgium and although they're great shows, you start getting tired of them sometimes (especially the like 100th re-run of The Simpsons lol)

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Top 5 TV shows of all time (my - cough - professional opinion):

5th place: "Taxi" (of course you remember - the 70's-80's comedy with Danny DeVito... :)

4th place: "Blackadder"

3rd place: "Riget" aka. "The Kingdom" by Danish Lars von Trier

2nd place: "The Simpsons"

& the no. 1 all-time greatest TV show...: "The Muppet Show"!! :cool:

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