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[leopard] how to..

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hi guys,

I searched and loooked and i can"t find the answers, maybe you can help me.

I would like to change SIDEBAR in the finder.

I would love to have bigger source text... but i can;t find the way to change it. it seems like you can do it in iWeb, iPhoto but not in the Finder.

and most important thing,

£ sidebar again, i would love to see ICONS ONLY actually

. and if possible to to make them bigger. Like Tiger finder thingie.

and I have a problem also. I probably f233ed up somehting.

when I want to change the ico, simply copy/paste thing on a get=info window, I can't see icons but the gereric simple ICNS icon. if you know what I mean (probably not).

let me grab the image:::


Any help/advice,would be much appreciated :)

see ya later macfriends.

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I'm a little lost on the sidebar thing but to fix or change the icon you were on the right track. Goto the Get Info window, click the current icon (it then puts a blue box around it) and then simply drag a new one over the top of it and let go. Changed. -GDF

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