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[icon] Safari Simple

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Well basically I am going to admit this is about as half-assed as releases can get.

I personally needed a bare bones simple eye-candy[ish] Safari icon for my desktop. So please keep in mind this icon was really just made for me in a few minutes of Photoshop work.

That said, the icon is far from perfect but it works for me. I just figured if I was looking for something like this than there are probably others looking for the same thing.

So if your not one to worry about the details here it is, Safari Simple.


Download the icon from my deviantart account: http://redbarchetta14.deviantart.com/art/S...Simple-89114938

Visible in a dock from my desktop screenshot here:


EDIT: Also really not looking for criticisms on this one, just download it if you like it :)

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