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Firefox 3 Released

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Does anyone know how to get the Mac default skin of FF3 on Windows? I don't want a safari skin currently, but that Mac FF3 skin looks way better than the Windows default.

You can't. No port exists. The closest we got was the "Broto" substyle in Foxdie. Tanjhay, the creator of Foxdie, has yet to even begin porting it to Firefox 3 because he wanted to wait for the final version. He says to expect it in a month or so.

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phishing and malware- use your head.

battle tested security & response times- So this was tested in Nam?

Thousands of ways to personalise your online experience- pimpmysafari.com

Openess, Innovation and Opportunity- well, ok whatever that means. Point granted I guess...

PS- Safari still loads pages faster. Is more streamlined and does everything you need it to.

Furthermore theres great add ons like Safari stand and inquisitor that make essentials for browsing experience.

I dont hate firefox, just I think on the Mac- Safari is superior.

In fact, on PC I think firefox is by far the best! (yes, even better than Safari on PC due to its reliability and lack of bugs)

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Got windows?? FireFox FTW. :)

But yes.. I agree with Levi. On mac, safari is faster. I'm going to give FF3 a try on my iBook G4 to see if it's really any faster than FF2.

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I've been using it since beat 4, and it's really improved.

Memory usage has never been an issue for me (:P), but it's really gone down, especially seeing as I use a hell of a lot of extensions. Plus, it's fast as hell, loads pages slightly faster than opera, even.

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There is no doubt that FireFox 3 is faster than 2 on Mac, and frankly, I am happy it did get faster, because FF2 was slow as crap.

FF3 is faster in terms of loading pages but it still sems to take 5-10 secs to start the app. safari is instant for me. (OS 10.5)

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I had the same problem, I changed the xpi version number and it works like a treat.

I'm very pleased with FF3 :D

could you explain step by step what should I change and where? cos my ff now looks so messy :P

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could you explain step by step what should I change and where? cos my ff now looks so messy :P

I'll give you small word of warning, this worked, but I couldn't get my menu bar back.

I had to delete my chromo file within my profile to get everything to work again. :slant:

So I re-downloaded the xpi (don't install it). Right click save as.

Change the xpi to zip, open as normal. You'll have a txt type file, open this then change the Ff max version number to over the release version. 3.0.5 should work.

Save the txt file, add it back into the zip file. Change zip back to xpi. Open FF and drag the xpi file in to FF and install as normal.

Good luck :D

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The only thing keeping me chained to firefox is my foxmarks. When you have as many computers as I do, having one set of bookmarks to handle makes it a helluh lot easier on your life. I really -- REALLY -- want to switch over to safari for good... if only the foxmarks team would expand :'(

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Official FF3 complaint. They screwed up the stored password feature or whatever it is -- because I was doing a pretty standard look-through of my two router's config on their addresses -- and without me telling them to they changed the login and password to something I don't know. So, I had to reset the router to factory settings 3 bloody times before I figured out it was FF screwing me over. So, great, now I lost EVERYTHING.

Bloody Bastards.

Yeah, now I'm really pissed. Safari here I come.


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What a nightmare!

Safari always the best!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna have to agree with you. After using it for a while i have to say FF2 was much better.

I can't believe a final build of firefox has so many issues... especially with scrolling on fixed backgrounds! Now people HAVE to make a scrollable background if they want FF3 users to view it properly. What is this, IE? :slant:

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