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I don't know if there are any Belgians on this forum, but:

Mobistar (one of the three telecom operators) will announce the release date of the iPhone in Belgium on July 4th. Also the prices will probably be announced that day. Belgium is the only country in the first list that won't release the iPhone on July 11th. The release date will still be for this summer, though.

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$ 199

but in china there is no way to buy and use it

Neither in Israel nor in Russia.

I don't understand Apple's international marketing strategy for the iPhone. They seem to have signed contracts only with major cellular companies and let them release the iPhone in their worldwide markets. However, that leaves many countries with no iPhone, even if there's a high demand for it there. For example, Israel is not in the list of 70 countries which will release the iPhone soon, but they already created a group for the purpose of bringing the iPhone to Israel, which has over 1000 members - there's definitely a high demand for iPhones there.

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does it mean it will cosst 8400 rs or inr in india?

Rumour has it that it will cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 11,000. Vodafone (and apparently Airtel too) will be the first carrier to offer the iPhone and it will be available as billing only. I have not heard of any plans to offer prepaid service with the iPhone.

Of course, this is pure speculation so I might be completely off the mark. Some news sites have estimated the price as high as Rs. 21,000.

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Does this $199 iPhone 3G mean the end of the iPod Touch?

Or will those be getting price cuts?

I doubt either. The iPod touch is very popular, and is especially appealing to those who want the iPhone without the phone. I doubt there will be a price cut anytime soon, although I do think a future revision will cut off the 8 GB model and also introduce a 64 GB model.

Personally, I'd like to see the base $299 price get you 16 GB, $399 gets you 32 GB and a new $599 gets you 64 GB. (I doubt 64 GB could be had for $499.)

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