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Kapsules Weather - Invalid Location Code

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I have been using Kapsules v0.9.8.0 and Kapsules Weather v1.1.5 for many months with no issues. A couple of weeks ago, Kapsules Weather began displaying "Invalid Location Code" and would not pull in any weather data. No matter what zip code or location code I put in the settings dialog, it will not pull in any weather data. Same for KapMeteorology. Can anyone help? Thanks very much in advance.

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open the widget code (open kapweather.kap in wordpad):

'...My documentsKapsules WidgetsKapsules Weather.widgetkapweather.kap'

search for XmlUrl = ...

and change this into

XmlUrl = "http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/" & m_PostCode & "?cc=*&dayf=" & m_NumberOfDays & "&par=1003960698&key=8d4b00356ecc089d&unit=" & Unit

save the file

close the widget or kapsules

reload widget or restart kapsules

works for me...

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If m_DisplayMode = "C" Then Unit = "m"

XmlUrl = "http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/" & m_PostCode & "?cc=*&dayf=" & m_NumberOfDays & "&par=1003960698&key=8d4b00356ecc089d&unit=" & Unit


Unit = "F"

If m_DisplayMode = "C" Then Unit = "C"

XmlUrl = "http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/" & m_PostCode & "?cc=*&dayf=" & m_NumberOfDays & "&ut=" & Unit

works even better, temps were in Celsius, this should fix the problem.

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My version of kapweather.kap is time stamped 01/15/05 8:11pm, and does not have XmlUrl anywhere in the code.

Does anyone know how to contact Andrew to request assistance with this problem?

I prefer KapMeterology, but would use either KapMeterology or KapWeather if I could get one of them to work again.

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too bad, however, one of the benefits of Kapsules is that the widget-code is easy altered (backup first). If you can't find xmURL, search for weather.com and play a bit with the URL.

I'm not sure if Andrew can be contacted, but I hope we all hear from him very soon... I miss kapsules!

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Oh he's still floating around :)

I'll see about having a look at the old widget this weekend. Look in the config file for the widget and let me know what version you have. I havent been developing on kapsules in some time, but I still have all the old code around. So I could probably take a look at it for you.

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