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New iPhone ad "leak" aludes to iChat for Windows

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lol they are really good ideas/concepts (especially the ichat/camera thing)

but its definately dodgy- you can see photoshop in the screenshots! No like, the actual program Photoshop! the rulers are on the edges! and it even shows the guides too...

But it certainly does look very apple-esque... and is well made.

I always find video adds far more convincing as they are harder to create to perfection, tho a 'leaked video' has yet to show an upcoming Apple product. Only pictures have leaked before- eg the new imac keyboard.

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@levi, couldn't the photoshop be there because its the actual designing of the ad (considering it is a "leak")?

edit: n/m reading the engadget link proves all the flaws in it,

lol yeah that's funny :P

It's obviously fake.. although I'm wishing for iChat for Windows :P lol

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