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Thinking of getting one....

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One what? A Mac, of course. A Macbook, to be more precise.

However, since I'm only a poor student who's going to begin college next month, I really can't afford even the cheapest one (the Macbook "White", according to the Apple India website).

So, the deciding factor is the discounts Apple offers to students...However, I've found no indication of such a thing in India, so could anyone in the know clarify this? :)

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In Canada, it's a 100$ discout + a free iPod Touch/Nano.

Then again, you can sell the iPod to have a 100$ discout + 150 to 300$ to pay the MacBook.

I also want to get a nice MacBook to go along my iMac, but they will probably release new MacBooks and iPod in September, so... I am wondering if it's better to wait or buy now...

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