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[Release] DesktopBar - Reserve edge of screen

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I can't see anything which i click the icon???

Is that my computer problem???

I only can see the tray icon.

I use the Windows XP or Vista(Eng.) are both doesn't work

Try to maximize a window and you will see ;)

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cool program. BTW, I put the taskbar on the top and i don't want the taskbar overlaps the windows, I'd like as I drag the window to the taskbar on the top it only hits the taskbar just like Mac and Linux do. When I run the program and config the top margin at 16 pixel, there still a small space between the taskbar and the windows. Pls consider this situation.

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link is broke can you upload it again pls?

I am running server updates, thats why the link is broken, it will be back soon! But maybe someone els ewould like to upload it?

Edit: The link is working again

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Do you mean the "Reserve edge of screen" option? That only makes a margin as tall as my taskbar (which I'm not using anyways)... so that doesn't achieve the exact height I want.

Hmm maybe some one who knows ObjectDock better than me can help?

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Cool little program, I used to want a program just like this, mostly for my dock, but I found a solution a couple years ago that may work better. http://www.hawkeyetech.com/products/freeware.htm#hsi Hawkeye Shellnit. You just create a file with the margins and their numbers, uses far less resources than this.

i had failure installing .net 3.5 (windows error for some reasons) and lazy to do some updating. i still think that this piece has better ease of use than HawkEye's. HawkEyes shell ini is not bad, im currently using it to position and resize my windows to what i desire. setup needs manual scripting, but once done, positioning and resizing is just one click away.


thanks for shraring this little thingy.

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why it demands .net?

could it just be a single application which can be used on the pc which has no .net installed?

how about place two bars at same time?

The new version maybe wont need .NET and you will be able to put space on any side. (I am currently just trying, but the release will be written in C++ I think.)

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