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Watercolor Emico: Blue

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^What do you mean? :S I released all styles separate so that for a reason. If hadn't released Blue then I'd still be working on that style. I was constantly searching for stuff that I wanted to change.

So.. what is it that you actually mean? If you worked for almost a year on 1 visual style you'd also like some comments about it don't you? So that you know that that time wasn't a waste.. :/

@Mr. B: Trillian skin is in the making by someone. And I still need a design for the Winamp skin. Jim-Phelps said he was going to make one a few months ago but I haven't heard from him ever since.

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I am using the black version. Very nice job. I like it a lot.

Now my ”problems/requests” :

1. I wish u could (wanna) make a version with the the three top buttons(min, max and close. how the hell are those called?) only little colored squares like in the start button (maybe not that little).

2. Can u make a TrueTransparency skin that matches your black style?

Thank u for your work.

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If I'd make the changes you asked for it would break consistency with the other themes. Also, it's meant to be the way it is now. Feel free to mod it as long as you keep it to yourself :)

I don't use TrueTransparency so I'm not sure if I'm going to make a skin for it. At the moment I'm working on Blue SE and the shellstyles. After that my top priority is making Winamp skins.

The three top buttons are called "Caption buttons" :P

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Caption buttons...ya, cause there are...buttons...on...caption, right.

Thanks anyway.

If u do a winamp skin, may, just maybe after all the stuff top priority done and whatnot, you do a QMP black style skin (I know u use winamp, but maybe you are bored or something).


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After a few people requested a Tango startbutton for Emico I decided to make a pack containing the startbutton for all the Modern styles.

Watercolor Emico: Tango Startbuttons

To replace the original Emico startbutton with the Tango startbutton you'll have to use Resedit or Stylebuilder.

The pack only contains startbuttons for the Modern styles. I'm not going to make Tango startbuttons for the Classic style.

Personally I think that the icon only fits with the black styles.

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I don't see what me not releasing to the public has to do with judging you.

Just saying, a couple times already you've said stuff along the lines of "nobody's interested? i worked hard on this" and "is it still worth posting updates here?" to jog your publicity. But if that's how you roll, whatever bro.

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@KAWSquared: It would be pointless to post updates if no one's interested. And about the hard work.. it's only posted in the 1st post since that's a copy past from other forums. And it's said to you once. I have no idea what's so wrong about saying that.

You not releasing anything to the public that you worked on for so long DOES have to do with you judging me. The point just didn't cross your mind.

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