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Hey everybody, I'm currently in the process of correcting an image burn in on my imac's display and was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this too. I guess despite not being very old, using a screen saver, and turning it off whenever I'm asleep didn't seem to prevent it. An outline where my buddy list is managed to etch itself and drive me nuts when a line in photoshop magically wouldn't blend away no matter how many times i brushed over it. haha

Hopefully this solid white screensaver should do the trick.

From what I read this is fairly common? I guess static icons, the menu bar, or even the dock sometimes gets burned into the screen.

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I had this problem with my lcd tv I'm using as a monitor. I tried using a plain white screensaver too, which did nothing. Finally fixed it by running the Plasma screensaver which displays random bright colors blending together. A few hours of that and all "image persistence" disappeared. I have a PC but the Mac version is here: http://www.brothersoft.com/plasma-for-mac-103203.html

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