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EasyMove by ChristianS of Chris'n'Soft

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Move windows by clicking anywhere on it. Just press CTRL and click on the window (anywhere). Click on the tray icon to open settings

Download @: http://www.chrisnsoft.com/download/#misc

1st, this program works well as is. The following's my suggestions to improve..

Hi ChristianS,

I thought I'd create a new thread for you application so I wouldn't go off topic in another thread.

I really like your new enhancements to the application, thank you for considering my requests, I really appreciate it. If it's not too much trouble, could you please consider the following inclusions:


The custom cursor request is wishful thinking and if you cannot do it, that's no problem :)

However, the other requests would be very much appreciated. For instance, disabling the window shading I hope, will reduce the stutter feel I get with the app. Maybe it's a combination of YzShadow and Windowblinds, etc. but I'm hoping to get them to play a little nicer. Secondly could you please add the "Alt" key to the assignable hotkey list? That was my original desired key to customize to.

Some notes and observations:

~ When first launched, a dialog box sized shadow border is left on the screen due to YzShadow. I'm aware that you can exclude apps in YzShadow but I wanted to mention this incase it would reveal further optimizations or efficiency improvements. *crosses fingers*

Thanks in advance for considering this. This is turning into quite then nice utility :)

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