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Leopard theming in full swing i think

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Yeah. I wish people would release their artfiles - don't have the time to port things. Levi - you should port Loco. I'd love to have it on Leopard!

I'm acquiring Leopard as we speak... Loco was originally designed for Leopard.

Specifically active/inactive windows dont work properly in Tiger.

I'm going to be releasing an update to Loco soon (for Tiger at the moment). May rename it... and then yes, port to Leopard.

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hi to all

in tiger times we used to them mac osx using shapeshifter .but in leopard shape shifter doesn't work .is it the problem b'cos we r running hacintosh or it is teh problem with ppc leopadr too?

what to do? how to theme leopard?

thanks in advance

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