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iPhone to get a better camera...

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We probably will see improvements, because the benchmark for the high end of cell cameras (the target market for the iPhone) is 5 MP. However, since this was before iPhone Gen 1 was released, this was probably an old listing.

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well where were you smartass? ;)

(im not agro, dont take that the wrong way haha)

... I dont think its old news, just undiscovered news... what it means is that we could well see improvements to the camera in the iphone at WWDC

it seems as if all you care about in the new iPhone is a 5MP + camera :P (no offense xD).

but it will probably get an upgrade to at LEAST 3mp no doubt

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it seems as if all you care about in the new iPhone is a 5MP + camera :P (no offense xD).

No... its just an area where I feel the iPhone is really lacking at this point.

I see the iPhone as the next Newton. No, not a dismal failure... but rather, an innovative PDA. The difference is that the iPhone has even more functions. I want to see it perform well at all of these.

phone, email, photo, music, videos, personal organisation.

I feel that it fails photography atm. Its contact/calendar functions are stellar, the ipod is as good as an ipod, email- well its like mail on the mac (near flawless), phone- well its better than most, videos- well, this is another thing i'd like to see the camera capable of.

I also want to see 3g (mainly because Australia will need it) but this is a given, as well as improved battery.

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its not the resolution of the camera that matters, its the size of the lens. The iphone could have a 10Mpxl camera for all it matters, but if its the same size as the current one, your pictures will be just as shakey, and the focus as terrible.

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its not the resolution of the camera that matters, its the size of the lens. The iphone could have a 10Mpxl camera for all it matters, but if its the same size as the current one, your pictures will be just as shakey, and the focus as terrible.

Ah, but you'll be able to take your blurry, shaky photo and make it into a poster-sized print without losing all that blurry, shaky fidelity ;)

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Guest createrk

i agree with alexz310..I always prefer having a seperate camera instead of integrating camer ainto my cellphone.

It gives me enough space and moreover saves me enough bucks :D

my 0.005 cents.


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Why is everyone in hooplah about this iPhone camera? who cares?! I got a RAZR v3. It's got a camera, sweet!. I'm not going to go out to weddings and do photoshoots with it. That's why I bought this bad boy right here;

the Nikon D40.


Seriously, if you want a good camera, buy one. It's a phone people! 5MP is outstanding for a phone!!

But nooo, Mac fanboys are never pleased, hahaha. :P

I mean, look. I got a nice flash, nice camera, nice lens. Look at the beautiful pictures I've taken with them

I'll say it again. A phone doesn't need an excellent camera. 5MP is bigger than my mother's camera. It's not worth it! If you want a good camera, buy a camera, not a phone!!

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Seriously, if the iPhone gets a 6MP camera, I won't use the camera for taking amazing pictures as thats what I bought a digital camera for.

Have you EVER seen a PHONE with that much pixels? Iphone is not a Tablet, its a phone + ipod period. Who would want a Tablet "PC" as a phone?

I thought people were hoping for some more interesting features like GPS

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for goodness sake!

If you think that theres only two types of cameras in this world- one in the form of those shitty camera phones and the other in the form of a big hunky chunky badass SLR then you are REALLY stupid.

All im saying is that Apple can do better than a "phone camera", why not make a camera thats good enough to satisfy the everyday snap happy (non enthusiast) types.


^ Have you never seen such a camera??? ... Its a Canon Ixus 50. Its old by today's standards, but its still a good camera. By now, its circuits and lenses could fit easily into an iphone... Its a camera, its not a shitty phone camera.

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Ohh... please, this thread is now on brink of leaping into idiocracy.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get proper sized censor in cellphone camera? Not to mention good optics... and all this while trying not to increase thickness of the device?

Levi, I like your dream threads... but this is really stupid. If you really want proof. Compare any 5mp cellphone cam shot with proper 5mp point and shoot camera (I'm not even talking SLRs here, just your average grandma's point n shoot cam). Enthusiast or not, if you really want to take good pictures nothing can beat dedicated camera.

IMHO, cellphone cameras are ONLY good when used outdoor and in proper bright daylight. Indoors and low-light they suck frog's balls. No matter what cellphone camera makers claim... such as branding like cybershot and carl-zeiss optics... the fact remains that no matter how much megapixels number and marking gimmicks like branding they put, cellphone camera sucks compared to equivalent dedicated camera.

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I like my SLR camera. It's beautiful. Point and Shoot are getting pretty crappy, pretty fast I'm starting to see. The only nice-quality point/shoot camera I've seen is the old one I have in my drawer from when I got my D40 and crap, the 3200. Both from Nikon.

I'd never buy any other camera besides Nikon.... Canon, maybe, too.

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K810... yeh sure. In fact, I've personally had experience with that and K850 (the 5mp cam).

Your experience may vary. But in terms of picture quality (not resolution, but noise, color re-production)... I found good ol' K750i getting better pictures (yeh, the whole megapixel myth strikes back). Again, I could get some of the issues solved through changing White Balance for getting better colors on both K810 and K850, but then again it still blows the whole point right? If I want to fiddle around with settings to get better picture, why shouldn't I use a proper camera for fiddling?

All I'm saying is, there is not point expecting too much from cellphone camera till we really see technology to cram proper sensor and optics (one that can rival crop of point and shoot cameras) in cellphone. We are getting there, but not there yet. Rest all is marketing bs fed by cell manufacturers.

I'm a SLR guy myself, but I also own one ages old 4mp nikon prosumer (e4200)... and I do not believe that having better camera always means better picture, it's photographer who takes better pictures. BUT, having right equipment means getting that right picture the way you really want. I mean, what could be worse than seeing a great shot but getting limited by crappy equipment. :)

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All im saying, is I want to see the iPhone use a camera thats good enough for those everyday shots.

not artistic shots, or enthusiast shots, just fully automatic everyday shots. Because lets face it, current camera phones just dont cut it.

I think we will have to agree to disagree here iGo. I think the technology is here to deliver that in a camera phone, today. Im not talking an 8mp top of the line olympus with 5x zoom. Im talking a 4-5mp camera with say 2-3x zoom.

Obviously the megapixels aren't the priority, because most people who take "happy snaps" with mobile phones don't want to crop or resize the photo that much. But the photo should look decent at computer screen resolutions (if you import them).

Im talking photos free from excessively bad noise, not huge in megapixel (we both know there are more important things), a flash (maybe even a red eye flash), and automatic colour and lighting correction.

This is very much achievable. I believe the technology is here, but just that its not a priority of mobile phone manufacturers at present. Its both costly and timely to implement.

But the iPhone is a different story. June 9> we'll see.

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