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Yes I installed the standalone XP XP3 Final 316.5mb file over a fresh install of SP2. After the SP3 install, I immediately installed Flyakite's v3.5 using the following characteristics:

~ Set Restore Point

~ Selected all under 'System Files' (Except the UXTheme Patcher and moviemk.exe)

~ Under 'Extras' only selected: cursors, screensaver, sounds, user pics, (nothing else.)

~ Nothing selected under 'Skins' & 'Software'

~ Under 'Tweaks' only selected: 'disable throbbers.'

~ In the next window: 'Extra Options,' Used 48 * 48 icons, and selected nothing else.

Using the above config, Flyakite installed without issue and I'm running fine atm.

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installed Windows Service Pack 3 on top of a Windows Service Pack 2 ยท Flyakite OSX 3.5 system, so far no problems, the only thing Flyakite couldn't take care was uxtheme.dll. Thanks to the link provided here by iGo, i was able to solve that small problem, right now running Windows XP Service Pack 3 + Flyakite OSX 3.5 without problems, bugs nor changes in performance in a couple of games i've been playing before the update.

I think that if someone wants to stick with XP + Flyakite, they can do it pretty much staying with core options and replacing uxtheme with replacer or manually.

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I give up.

I have posted messages about this (several times) during the period in which SP3 entered our solar system. Cursing each time. Mostly cursing myself for spending time posting in stead of downloading porn. Btw - where is the porn section at aqua-soft??

I have painstakingly explained the following 8th-fold path to the greater realm of Nibbana, where the true god Flyakite reigns:

1. Gain admin rights on your XP before doing anything.

2. If running XP SP2 with Flyakite: Uninstall Flyakite. Reboot.

3. Upgrade to SP3. Reboot.

4. Find the latest, greatest uxtheme.dll hack for XP SP3. Install it. Reboot.

5. Install Flyakite with all the trimmings you like. Of course, if you're running a newer version of iTunes, it makes no sense to install the iTunes plugin. Everything else will work.

6. Reboot.

7. Perform the following chant: "Ooom, Ooom, PoulNyrup the almighty, blessed be his omniscient powers, blessed be his omnipresent libido, Ooom..."

8. Reboot.

Despite my endless pleadings, the forces of Ignorance march relentlessly onward towards Byzantium. Their standard-bearers, among which General Web-Laranja, the mighty warlord Ki Hong & the all-powerful Geordie Boyo are to be found, sweep all feeble attempts at reasonable discourse effortlessly aside. "Please, please, would you not consider entering "Flyakite SP3" in the aqua-soft Search field?" "Silence, you fool! Your pitiful sword of Logic has no chance of penetrating my armour of delusion... Die!"

{Opens a new tab & starts googling for "Debbie Does Dallas"...}

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