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Update - It's been a long time!

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As the title states, it has been a long time since I have been viewing or even browsing this site. From time to time I stop by just looking for a few updates on what's going on in the PC world of Mac emulation!

I have actually been a member of this site since 2001, despite the user name changes.. (I guess you would call that an identity crisis.)

From the time Aqua-soft released their mock apple apps, to the time apple shut down the mock aqua-soft apps. I even discovered the web archive that still had copies of the software aqua-soft released a long time ago still; years later, available after apple / mac told them to take it down.

I have seen many developers pass by, and many talented ones driven out. The corruption of the staff, and the rescue of the members. Can't forget the never updated news pages, and main pages that rarely ever got updated.

There has been allot of mean, friendly, unfriendly, knye, coo-yon, hopeful, and hopeless, news, advice, and information that has come out of it's users. But we all go thru stages. Who trust who, and what to get excited about. Ups and downs of not really knowing each and every person individually.

I would like to think that the staff here did the best they could, based on long distant relationships that had already developed.

I would like to make word for the talent that did get away because of staff, and members of this site. But I can't reference them all.

I have noticed that not many chances were given out to those who mite have been trying, instead we handed out disbelief.

The work done on this site, has always been good, but what has this site become now?

In other matters, I finally upgraded completely to mac; back in 08-15-2007.

I really sware to god (or who ever you trust in) threw out less then a year old (QTY-2) laptops, 1 desktop, and 1 main server (running windows 2003 server) and all the software, network equipment, webcams; pretty much all pc crap in general.(Wouldn't give that useless crap to my own worst enemy)

PC just doesn't work, it isn't fast enough... Problem after problem, kept me up for hours fixing problems. Another words mac just works...

We even took it a step further, and got rid of our 3 windows mobile cellphone devices. Switched to iphones. and since we all work for target corporation, this limited us for awhile, but now... not so much, web apps, and the newly BETA released corp development pac, has made iphone faster, and more compatible. (Target Corp; So far)

Our old routers use to burn out / stop working as well after a year of use, costing close to 100 dollars a year, and this new AIRPORT-EXTREME is working on it's second year, at top peaked speed.

Wireless backup... need I say more...

All this crap cost allot of money, but the best part, it lasts.. and won't become out dated with in the next year, or even five years...

We did end up keeping one new dell XPS, for minor use. It's running Vista, and is less then 3 months old.. Just in case some program or game that comes out, that won't work for MAC. (NOTE: this was stupid, mac can run vista/xp and osx) So we decided to keep it for guest. Impulse buy............

Making the switch has drawn me away from this community, because I didn't need the esthetic that was provided here... Mac just works...

Most searchers can't afford a mac... I relate to that, well 2 years ago.. Finance one, craigslist.com one, just find one... start small... it's worth it...

Mac-Mini, great start, works with all your current stuff, and gives you the full effect!

(By the way, DEF get an iPhone! 4gig 8gig 16gig unlocked; locked what ever... It's worth it)

Need help!?! message me... I can guild you to the rite places (wink wink)

Also if you want a .mac account I can help you out there as well... I have a family plan and I am not using all of them.... bla bla bla

I guess the end note on this is, sit back, understand you pay for what you get. We have learned our lesson close to every year since 1996. Pc slowly progresses, and seems to get slower as time goes on, and things get expensive. Mac remains the same and gets faster as time progresses (software wise)

I hope to hear from all of you...

Dustin Lee Council

Please keep it clean, and if you need help fitting your self into a mac; you need / can afford, also please email me, we can see what I can help you with. Other wise at least a pc, that can emulate the effects of a mac / software...

I missed you guys...

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