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[icon] Safari filetypes

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Hey guys, I have been working on replacements for the Safari filetypes because a blank white document icon with the Safari logo in it is just a little boring.

So I came up with two Safari themed filetype sets and here is what you get:

- glossy and not glossy versions

- traditional Safari document filetype

- replacement download icons that you can change in your Resources folder of the Safari application

- other filetypes in PNG format: html, htm, css, rss, xml, and php.

Released in both ICNS and PNG. Additional filetypes available only PNG.

Here is the blank document icon in glossy format just to give you a preview:


Comments welcome here is the deviation:


The original plan was to add additional continents and stuff but unfortunately i learned that just doing the downloads and everything in these two versions was a horribly repetitive process.

Also, I can't get Iconbuilder to work I have no idea how to use it. I used something much crappier to convert to ICO so if anyone would be willing to take one for the team and do a good job in Iconbuilder please PM me.


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