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MyColors "Official" Public Release

Island Dog

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Stardock is pleased to announce the "official" public release of MyColors. MyColors makes applying premium suites a snap. A MyColors theme includes everything a user needs to completely and safely transform the Windows experience - a new Windows GUI, a new set of icons, gadgets, wallpaper, etc.

Now available on CNET, MyColors includes the "Diamond theme" which gives Windows XP and Windows Vista users a glimpse at Aero Diamond (one of the concepts Microsoft considered for Windows Vista before going with Aero glass). Diamond includes a completely new icon set, gadgets and more.

The included Diamond theme is free, and MyColors itself is free as well. Additional suites can be purchased such as themes licensed by the NBA, NCAA, Ford, and others. Even if you don't purchase additional themes, you still get a phenomenal suite for both Windows Vista and XP.

Download: http://mycolors.stardock.com/


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Something I hope you could clarify relates to comments I find in other places: neowin, downloads.com, etc.

People, from the screenshots (I believe at Downloads.com) are under the impression that MyColors will add: Transparency and blur to windowsXP when using the free theme: Diamond. However, when they've installed it (the few that have posted their results,) they do not get the transparency and blur effects of hte screenshot (using XP.)

Please clarify if XP users of the program get blur and transparency. If MyColors DOES give XP users those features, then, good for you! People should be pleased as punch. If not, then a screenshot might need to be updated somewhere, (and the description above,) so as not to give the wrong impression.

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