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Sites blocked on campus

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Hey guys,

The university has blocked most of the websites i usually use and which are used widely.

For example the most annoying thing is that they have blocked sites like Facebook, imageshack, photobucket, flikr, (all imaging sites), (all P2P sites-Torrent) and many other websites. The list also includes sites like Anonymous, hidemyass which provide anonymity to block them.

Sine its a campus computer they are restricted to install any kind of software onto the computer, so only type of software i can use are the portable ones which do not need any installation.

If you guys have any software like that it'll be a great help.



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I need a solution for opening up the blocked WEBSITES.

it's like to hack a schoolserver or the router at school.

the (moral) question is WHY are those sites blocked? you should concentrate on your schoolwork and not on your friends/games on facebook ;-)

please folks, do not give instructions to hack a router/server.

there ARE reasons/policies why students/employes are not allowed to open specific sites at school/work.

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I need a solution for opening up the blocked WEBSITES.

You're SOL my friend. No way you're getting past the universities filters.

For one, they most likely have every port except 80 and 443 blocked and then there is the site blocking.

If they are using a tool like Websense or Cisco's CSS routers, you are not going to get passed it.

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Well you could always try the google translate hack. Just put


on front of the website you want to get to (this option doesn't always work very well, but it works unless your school blocks google translate.) You can also google for proxy sites that have the .org endings, most wont block them unless you use a lot of bandwidth going to the blocked site. But please don't use anything like this to get to stuff you really don't need to get to, they can always trace it back if you really do something stupid.

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Yes the translate hack does not work. I understand you guys and i will take this in a positive manner. And yes they are using WEBSENSE which is really difficult to pass through. Its like artificial intelligence. Whatever i try to do .. it only displays the websense page.

Websense is literally impossible to get around.

Back in 2001 we used to get around it by converting the IP address of the site we wanted to get to into HEX. It worked for a while, but then Websense updated their software to translate those addresses as well and compare them to the banned site list.

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Go to http://www.sefreak.com/

Click the padlock

Username: student

Password: random1


very nice. this made me lol so hard. our school is pretty slack and they dont care if you use proxies. but finding the unblocked ones is the hard part. a few that i use are:




they are not blocked at my school and i have found our school blocks proxies the fastest. well at least in Australia. so those 3 are 3 proxies that still havent been discovered :)

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