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Help - iMac on and off rapid clicking sound

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Hey, I'm just curious if anyone else around here has experienced this issue. This thing is practically brand new and I have some sort of clicking sound in the lower left hand area. It's rapid like a tiny woodpecker and very subtle, lasts about 4-6 seconds and then stops, then repeats.

I called apple, and the guy I talked to agrees with me that it doesn't seem to be the drive based on the sound it makes. I also checked to see if it only did it while the drive was either reading or writing but that doesn't seem to influence it so my assumption is that it's something dumb like a loose wire or something grazing a fan.

A couple of the options I was given was I could open it myself and look (although I have no idea how to get this thing open) or I could take it to the only nearby retailer certified by apple in my area.

However, the only problem with option B is that a friend of mine recently took his macbook to the said place and the people that work there, although certified, have absolutely no idea how to fix anything apple related.

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