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im looking for anyone who has a fairly large knowledge of this app and who can help me customize it the way i want with step by step instructions. I was hoping to do this via IM probably MSN. so if anyone is willing please e-mail or PM me your msn address and i will add you and we can start the customization journey :)


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ok.... now show us what your current setup looks like....

well...i used 2 have the contact list how i liked it, but i just needed the bubble things but then, sumthing wierd happened and it all f'ed up and then when i went back tohttp://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2497147&userid=0&perpage=4%200&pagenumber=1 to downloaded the fully done-up .zip file with all the mods already done. the forum closed and u needed to pay for it. so answering your question. im basically starting from nothing. scratch :( i just checked and the miranda addon site is up again......finally, so i will be starting with all the base plug-ins e.g. ieview, clistmodern and stuff and i just need someone to guide me through and help me with little quries i have :)


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Fire of all.. we need to know what all plugins your runnin' with Miranda. I can tell just from those screenshots you posted that you'll need IEView & clist_modern for a fact! Its fairly easy to get it lookin' like, probably took whoever made it like 5-10mins to get it setup.

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im using





and im using Miranda 0.6.8 Unicode

and i would like skin links and a brief tutorial on how to get my Miranda looking like this:

i want a contact skin like this:


and i want a my convo skin to have the same look but with bubbles for text like this:



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My miranda is perfect :)

Seriously, there is no part of it I don't love, from the startup sound (Windows vista ultimate 'glassy' shutdown sound), to the message window (Unskinned tabSRMM, with only the basics remaining, the type-o-box, and the message window)

addons.miranda-im.org is the place to go, but it's search sucks.

I reccomend googling it, using inurl:

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