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Buttons disappearing, anchors not working

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OK, I'm getting really confused now... This is the second time that some part of the theme doesn't work anymore or just disappear. We are only two admins, we haven't changed anything since yesterday (the admin log shows no connection to ACP) but this morning I have:

- all the anchors like thread tools etc that doesn't work

- the quick links and new posts buttons in the navbar that have disappeared.

- some dropdown menus I've never seen before...

I just checked the templates and they haven't changed. What can I do?

Thread tools now go below the discussion


New posts and quick links gone


I never saw this menu before!


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Indeed, I just discovered that it's like my browesr (Safari) suddenly doesn't want to deal with Javascript. However, what's strange is that all my users encoutered the same bug (FF included).

But now it's working again and I didn't change anything! So if you have any idea of what is causing this bug... because it happened twice already so it might happen again.


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One small thing to try is, go re-download vbulletin from vbulletin.com, find the clientscript and reupload it to your forums.

You may have a corrupt js file in there. Does the same thing happen for the default vb skin? (the nav bar issues).

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