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Recommended software, memory help?

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, I finally got off my bum and decided to quit trying to make my POS PC look and function like a Mac (plus its out dated) and I bought a Macbook today. Arrival date is possibly sometime next week. How long did it take you to receive yours? Anyway, what are some recommended programs? I do a lot of audio/video editing (couldn't afford a Pro though.), play a few (very few) games, and most of them are Blizzard products which ARE Mac compatible. Um, I rip my DVDs to the hard drive and throw them on my iPhone, so I already know of handbrake, so... What else would you consider essential? Firefox obviously... what else? Thanks all!


On another note, I am wanting to buy a 4 GB memory kit for it. What do I need? I am currently browsing Newegg and they don't even list the 2.4Ghz macbooks in their configurator...

edit: Lest I forget, how can I get my iTunes library from my PC to the laptop when it finally gets here? (The arrival date isn't looking good, it says possibly as late as the 23rd...)

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Welp, let's take this one step at a time.

Good apps? Here are few that a Mac user (such as myself) really can't go without..

Instant Messenger: Adium

Web: Firefox

FTP: Cyberduck

BitTorrent: Transmission

Then you have the Adobe Suites, iLife and iWork. those will pretty much get you on your way with your audio, video, etc. Microsoft Office is also another goodie to have around.

Now for your Mac itself. Google a few of these apps, and you'll see why I recommend getting them! They are really, really great :). Here are some:




Carbon Copy Cloner


Enjoy using your Mac. :)

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If you're worried about space, an app that has proven to be invaluable to me is XSlimmer, i dont know if it works with leopard though. I also have a macbook, and with only 80GB of space and a **** load of movies, i need to be space - conscious.

As far as customization goes, for leopard, you definitely need to pick up Candybar for icons and Steam for your fonts.

Coversutra will provide a compact itunes controller.

Just stating some stuff to keep your Mac nice and fun.

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Just stating some stuff to keep your Mac nice and fun.

It WILL be a big improvement from this: Athlon XP 2800+ (great CPU even if it is old now), 512 MB PC2700 DDR DRAM, 120 GB 5400 RPM HDD, 64 MB integrated Geforce 4 junk. Not to mention I shouldn't have the problem of programs randomly closing and getting an error report with a link only to tell me that there is no solution currently... Talk about ticking me off! I've gotten ugly in the comments box on their web pages about that here lately, maybe a week left on this thing, I'm gonna try to turn it into a media server or something.

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Update: Well guys, I picked it up today and really like it thus far, Really nice and polished OS, program and hardware wise. I picked up 4 GB of RAM at the same time I bought it, I just now have to put it in. (Gonna wait until next week when I have access to an ESD strap and an insulated surface to do it on.)

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