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Digsby IM Client

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yeah, Digsby uses lots of memory... Last time I tried it, it used 80mb...

and I can't even send messages to people..? I keep on getting a network error;

but.. I like the interface & the features very much. I am willing to use this in place of Windows Live Messenger, once the memory usage drops..


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Well, let's see: Digsby uses around 60-70MB of Memory (ICQ + MSN) and Miranda uses less than 10 MB (ICQ + MSN). In their Blog they wrote that they will fix the memory issues soon.

Miranda is more minimalistic than Digsby, but 70MB is a lot for an instant messenger. Of course, you won't notice this with 2GB RAM, but it's important not to "bloat" an app.

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I'm currently using Digsby again :P

I really LOVE the interface (everything, from the conversation windows to the pop ups).

I'm using the Leopard skin (for contact list) and the Modern Bubble skin (for conversation windows).

I've also been watching the RAM-usage and minimizing the contact list seems to help :P lol

RAM-usage varies from 11 to 90 MB.

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