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Digsby IM Client

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I stumbled across a really nice IM client called Digsby! I didn't see any other posts on here about it so it hought I'd write one =]

Digsby is a Windows IM Client (coming to linux and OS X soon!)

It supports a lot of clients like :








-Myspace Alerts

-Facebook Alerts

-Twitter Alerts

More clients are also in development and coming in the future hopefully like:



-and more!

The application is very customizable. The contact list, and messaging box can both be skinned and they have themes very similar to IEView themes built in!


It isn't as skinnable as Miranda, but it is still a young application and I am looking forward to see more development. It supports Aliasing, Grouping by Status, Listing by Status, Buddy Merging, and iTunes support. Please try the this great application out!


It also features a pop up window that when your are working in a different application such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, and you receive a message a pop up is displayed that shows the text of the message, and even has a box that you can reply in without leaving your current window, which is also easily skinned!


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Well actually there was a thread to it : http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....ighlight=Digsby

Sometimes I'm using it,mostly still Miranda,till I realize that it sucks the memory usage,and if we edited the skins/icons it's always change to default if you get update

If you put the new icons and stuff in the folder with yout custom skin, the update shouldn't delete them.

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I just tested it and it seems to be pretty cool (even though I still prefer Miranda IM ;P). Only two little things annoy me: Instead of displaying me Contact's nicknames, I often get just their ICQ-numbers. This is really bad for the Invisible-list.

The second thing is that messages will be send on ENTER. Is there a way to send them only with CTRL+ENTER?

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Yes, but especially on Linux, you won't get a large userbase with a proprietary licence, if there are alternatives like Pidgin. On OS X I can't see any reason to go from a free Adium to something proprietary.

Adium has a HUGE userbase on OS X and Digsby will have to have some sort of wow factor to steal me away from it. On Windows, yes, Digsby is great. On Mac, Adium hands down. Of course, I don't do voice/video chat so please, leave that out of the discussion.

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