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yz Dock and windows key


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I've done some searching in the forums but doesn't look like anyone encountered the problem I have. Atm I'm using Y'z docklet and it works like a charm, except when I selected "hide the taskbar" and then (accidently) press windows key+D (show desktop). The windows that were open at that moment are minimized to the windows tray, and not to my docklet. I'm not able to see which programs I'm running at that moment cause the taskbar is not visible. Is there a way to always show programs (minimized or not) in the docklet? That would be sweet. Oh and also, is it possible to show the programs from my systray in the docklet? Than I would be able to once and for all remove my windows taskbar and start using something much better ;)

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Well I actually use the RKLauncher, but that still uses the Yz dock, right?

You wouldn't happen to know any dock that can show running programs? Maybe redundant info but still; it does show minized programs (only when the minimize button is used, and not the windows+D shortcut)

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