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New Web Design Site - http://natekasco.com

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It's an OK design. My biggest problems with it, apart from mike868y's suggestions, are that it looks a bit like one of those web pages when a web site is down (example). It's got that feeling to it. There's nothing about it that's offensively bad, it's just that it doesn't make me want to order a website from you.

EDIT: And since this is a professional website, you're not a charity. The "Donate" button sends a conflicting message.

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I wouldn't say awful. It's a little confusing as to why there would be an ad on the site (at least it looks like a placeholder for it) when it's supposed to be a "professional web design" site. I would avoid the splash screen for the site altogether. It's annoying to come to a site that simply says "Enter" on the main page, just to come to a page that should have been seen as the main page. Some sites execute a splash page well, mainly when they incorporate flash into the design.

My site by all means is not the best and never will be, but the result that is there is from years of experience on what viewers and potential customers provide feedback on.

Here are some resources that I use as inspiration and such when I'm stuck on a design:




The last link is especially useful if you try to create standards-complaint sites and are stuck on something.

Again, I'm definitely not trying to sound rude or mean, just want to throw in some helpful criticism.

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i dont understand why that guy said it was awful. for one my server got wiped so i am lucky i had a backup, although it was not completely recent. also, the splash was only there because i hadnt made a redirect yet.

i am in the process of making a system for a shop. as of now i am pleased. i just need to develop a good working checkout.

if you want to stay up to date on it, it may not be uploaded all the time so bear with me but here it is. http://natekasco.com/shop2.php

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anyways, i am working on that as well as another movie review site. so i have a lot to do for a while haha

It's nice to know that you are making lots of stuffs right now, being busy play a critical role in being successful, I just hope all of your hard work earns profits.. best of luck sweety~

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