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New Web Design Site - http://natekasco.com

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Another thing I would suggest, regarding your contact page:

If you're going to put your screen name or email address, consider creating separate ones for work and play. "LeBron 0wns Y0u" doesn't scream out that you're willing to chat seriously. Just something to consider :)

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i thought about WP at first, but I dont have much experience with coding wordpress templates. so, until i learn that im doing this. And the way I have it set up I can just replace the background color with an image and it doesnt really affect the coding much at all.

i like to keep things neat and organized. it makes for a more professional look and it is much easier to manage when you have a lot of things that you are dealing with.

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the new design looks to be up, its really good but here are a few recomendations:

1. make a mouseover on the nav bars

2. change the font to something other than times new roman

3. make the sidebar be links as opposed to just text

4. link to some of the site you've designed as opposed to just images

5. the air and heat integrity design and the design for the fire department are almost identical with just a change in color, it seems a little repetitive to have them both

6. get rid of the alternative blue highlight on the portfolio page

overall it is a huge improvement

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actually every single one of those that you listed were on my list of things to change. right now im working on a new way to present my portfolio. i mean as far as that page goes.

anyways, i am working on that as well as another movie review site. so i have a lot to do for a while haha

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