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Some Leopard Icons (for Shell32)

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Im making a Leopard Shell32.dll and im using FKA's Shell32.dll to do it...

I have most of the icons, but some are missing.

Ive looked everywhere, but i didnt find. Some of them i think dont exist.

But anyway if someone have any....

PS.: I need them with at least 128x resolution

PS2.: Icons 2,4,5,6,7,14,15,16 have Tiger Style. But i need it with Leopard Style...

Also i would like some tips about making a Shell32.dll

For Exemple:

What ICO Resolution should i use?? (128,48,32)??? For all the icons or some of them must be 16x???

Oh, and one more thing.

Im Brazilian so that im making it with PT-Br Shell32.dll. But ill also make it with a EN Shell, but the problem is that i dont have a EN Shell32 to do it. If someone have FKA installed, pls, send me your Shell32.dll...

Thx in advance!!!


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a lot of the icons in FAK were actually made by chris kite (or someone) specifically for FAK, so you won't find them anywhere. So i guess you have to make some of them yourself. I have a completely "leopardized" FAK shell32.dll (EN) but setup with 32px option.

regarding icon sizes, if you installed FAK with 128px icon option, just follow whatever sizes there are in each icon group on your FAK shell32.dll. Using Reshacker, you can also see the icon sizes in your original shell32.dll located in the Backup folder in //Windows/FlyakiteOSX.

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has anyone actually got a full leopard shell32.dll replacement, it would be great, because i wouldnt need to continually change the icons manually. and FlyaKiteOSX as far as i know is based on tiger, so i dont think this would be beneficial for my needs :)


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