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Best workout & gym trax for my ipod?

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... I need new music: mostly for running but also for a full gym workout... I need some suggestions as I'm tired of listening to the same old stuff. I tend to buy stuff on itunes, not really wanting to mess my computer with the pirate programs.......

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- lol no, that was a joke... I find music is most important in warmup/running treadmils/cycling/rowing... get a song/album that starts off slow and builds in tempo etc up as the intensity does.

I particularly like- "Hunting for witches" by bloc party as a song...

Also "Minutes to midnight" by linkin park has a nice progression as an album...

but hey, it all depends on ur music taste. but still apply the above rule to whatever music you listen to.

when your lifting weights etc, tone it down a little bit, something you enjoy... not something high intensity, high tempo- it will only give you a headache (save it for the cardio treadmills :P )

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lol listen to sum techno hardstyle trance stuff..good songs for it lol ill list a few of my favourites:

Tocs - A1 (Scot Project Mix)

Kamui - Victory

Dr Willis - Jaws (Kamui Mix)

Ka - Technologic

Max the Enforcer and the Beholders - Bitcrusher

Cosmic Gate - Body of Conflict

umm lemme think fk i cant remember lol ill post when i remember some more when i get home ill go through my iTunes library.

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yeah I agree, it's just a lot easier to download from itunes then mess around with other stuff.....

If you're looking for workout/gym music on itunes, hereʼs a shortcut -- type “EURO CLUB HITS” into to search.... look

for the album series with the big black logo and the different colored backgrounds...

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