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Which Dock is Better?


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That is not a definitive criteria establishing the superiority of one app over the other. Many of the best apps I've used were coded by signle developers mainly as a hobby with no brand/tag/company attached. In this community's context, Avedesk and WinExpose are two such prominent apps that come to the mind.

And, OD has been a resource hog every single time I've installed it.


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I currently only use RK Launcher, but I have, at one point, used RocketDock, ObjectDock, and RK Launcher together, and I find they all have their strengths. For me, RK Launcher was able to run stack docklet (for some reason, I couldn't get it to run on the other docks) and thus I have figured a way to have more shortcuts through that. I also find that RK Launcher looks better for me, but I use icon sets from all three! So, it's a personal choice, just something that you love, and you can't always put your finger on, lol

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If you have more than 512MB of RAM and are willing to pay, then OD+ is the best dock out there.

If you don't, or aren't, Rocketdock seems to be pretty stable, and pretty, while RK is... probably closer to a real mac dock, if a little harder to set up, but still damn good.

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For me OD, because it has more functionality. However, the problem is the company who created OD, StarDock. OD has not been updated for a long time, even though there are still bugs and even many users have experienced some bugs. It seems StarDock is busy with many other projects that they are abandoning OD. I even saw some members' posts got deleted and they got banned from posting at OD forum, just because the company could not answer back when they were complaining and criticizing about how StarDock works.

It looks like SD is trying to hide the horrible fact. So, I won't buy OD+, at least until they have a new stable version or until they've set their mind on OD once more. But again, I would still think twice, I don't want to be a mindless "fanboy" and cash cow.

My 2 cents.

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well i use rocketdock. i like it. objectdock is not bad, but i like rocketdock better. it's more customizable, i think. and yeah what's so good about rklauncher? i tried it (not that long), and thought rocketdock was better. and are there any good leopard os x skins for objectdock? the default skin looks like tiger, but i'd like to see how it is with a leopard skin. i've got a leopard skin on rocketdock, but i don't have a good tiger skin.

i know. i'll have rocketdock on the bottom of my screen, objectdock on the left, rklauncher on the top, and y'z dock on the right!!!!! that way every1 will be happy. it might not be very user friendly, though. i minimize a window and it goes to all four docks? or just one? lol!

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