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Which Dock is Better?


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I'm still using Y'z Dock... tried RK once, didn't stick with it because I didn't see any particular advantages over Y'z. My needs are sufficed with Y'z, so I'll stick with it. :)

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Y'z Dock for me aswell. Maybe because I'm not interested in fancy effects, but I just need a launcher with the right set of feature. Shift-click is essential for me, together with fast folder menues (middle click). And auto-hide delay, that RK doesn't offer.

And overall, Y'z is lighter :|

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I've yet to try Rocketdock, but I've been a RKL user for a very long time. I did make the switch to OD+ just recently to test it out and the only thing I did like (something that RKL didn't offer) was tabs and allow me to use bigger indicators. The latter is more of an aesthetic thing lol.

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Plus, Objectdock is made by a brand company, Stardock.

That is not a definitive criteria establishing the superiority of one app over the other. Many of the best apps I've used were coded by signle developers mainly as a hobby with no brand/tag/company attached. In this community's context, Avedesk and WinExpose are two such prominent apps that come to the mind.

And, OD has been a resource hog every single time I've installed it.

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