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Need advice buying an iMac

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I am looking to buy a new iMac. I've been on apple.ca looking at computers and I settled on the best iMac I could find. The price tag is a little steep but I want the best. But before buying it I just want to get your advice first. Is there somewhere that sells them cheaper or better, ect. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Anyways this is what I was looking at:

* 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme

* 2GB memory

* 500GB hard drive1

* 8x double-layer SuperDrive

* ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB memory

for $2,384.00

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Just go 2.4 ghz it doesn't make a big difference and it's much cheaper plus just get a 320 gb internal HD and buy a Western Digital 500 gb My Book Essential Edition 2.0 for time machine and portable storage if you have a laptop or for any other reason. Keep everything else the same (with 24" screen)


The external HD in the Apple store is $139.95

Check it out

Extreme in the processor isn't much difference just is called Extreme for .4 more ghz of power you won't notice much of a difference

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If you can, I'd recommend holding out a little longer....

An iMac upgrade is long overdue.

I dont see much in the way of the high end model changing except the price...

but there are rumours of the iMac moving to the Penryn 45nm processor (same as that used in the new macbooks), which would mean a 6mb cache size instead of a 4mb cache.

(Doesnt sound like much, but does affect overall speed)

It also means less energy usage, they run cooler and maybe, just maybe a clock speed bump (ie 3ghz instead of 2.8).

Unfortunately the low end model may go back to a 3mb cache instead of a 4, like the low end macbook did.

With apple products, there is rarely any discounts given. I know, because I work in computer retail as a salesperson and I can tell you this- when it comes to my pocket, I'd much rather sell a PC than a Mac... Apple gives us very little profit margin.

Best off to just to buy online, and if you can- get an education discount. Free delivery too.

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Hey guys, I saw this thread and was just curious as to if there's any info floating around at the moment about the iMacs being updated, I was in the process of ordering one and thought that they might be a bit overdo for an upgrade. I checked the mac rumor buyers guide about it and it's well beyond the average time for it, so backed off. So hopefully I won't have to wait TOO long because I'd like to have a working computer for the first time in forever. If you have any more info about it, let me know.


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I'm actually not so sure about when they're updating it, but do agree that it is due. Expect an update at least in time for the summer college lets buy our baby a computer market.

It might not be much though, but it'll be something.

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