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Loco released!

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After three betas and six months of tinkering, I am pleased to announce my official Loco theme guikit available for public use.

Loco is a fine blend of ingredients inspired by Milk, Aqua, Leopard, illuminous, Camino and Uno style themes. My Guikit aims to tame and maintain these flavours- stripping out over glossed and over detailed elements instead opting for a streamlined, unified & minimalist interface.

Thankyou all testers, support and general encouragement.

Designed for Mac OSX Tiger and Shapeshifter.

Please checkout the theme website for the latest updates, information and inspiration.


UH-OH! (This is painful, like the Windows Vista Release)

I uploaded the wrong file to my website... meaning you may have downloaded the incomplete theme. SORRY!

If you downloaded directly from My deviantart then don’t despair, you downloaded the correct one.

If you did recieve the dodgy beta, then once again im sorry for using your precious download quota :P ... try the downloads page again, I've linked it up to my Deviantart download page.

sitejh5.jpg dlnh1.jpg

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Yes, if someone wants to create a windows port they are more than welcome. But they will need to go about replicating the resources etc from the guikit.

I must be in the credits for the original concept. :)

Yes, as soon as Shapeshifter for leopard is released I will port it accross. Its the only thing that has stopped me from moving accross to Leopard- the fact that its UgLy (IMHO) and cant be skinned!

I daresay it will take a little bit to port seeing as leopard relies on vector graphics over bitmaps... but seeing as most of the buttons are fairly minimal it should be fairly easy.

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Is this a freeware? since i use osx tiger too.. if yes where can i download this LOCO?

My theme itself is free. However, the theme applier, known as shapeshifter is not... tho i think its shareware, meaning you can trial it out (?) google it.

All the details on downloading my theme etc are in the first post. Please checkout the website too. Read.

Read, Search and google. The three rules of Aquasoft.

For the porters- Glad you guys are willing. I'd love to see it ported to windows.

However, themepark (the program I use to create my themes) has no "export as bitmap" option that I know of, it would mean manually extracting every individual image and sorting them in folders...

theres 1000s & sorry, im a busy man. But I can export as a DLTA or resource based DLTA (if this helps?)... There may be others out there that know themepark better than I... suggestions?

Otherwise, Im hoping someone with a mac/windows setup can do the port.

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