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GDI++; Some Tips and Tricks.

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Mine says that too :(

GDI++ Controller

Could not load gdi++.dll

I installed using setup, then replaced files using your settings you gave out on the other thread, but can't get it to load the dynamic link library. Any tips? Looks like a wonderful software, been looking for this type of thing for ages, any help will be majorly appreciated ;)

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I tried it before and after I replaced files, didn;t work :(.

But, there may be a problem I know of. I have split my hard drive into parts, meaning I install all apps on part E. The program maybe looking for the file in the C drive, where it would normally be, you think thats the problem? If so, is there a way I can change the way the exe looks for the gdi++.dll or should I just extract it all in the C drive?

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I just installed Ojalord's setup.exe, and well, I have it up and running. I can definitely see the mac-like touch. I have one problem though, There is no "ini" folder within the install Directory.

I created the ini folder myself and dropped in an ini by PoulNyrup. Also, when I right click tray icon -> Open ini, nothing happens.


Any suggestions?

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Right clicking your GDI tray icon > Use preferences > and then cycling through the available options and finding which one looks the best. Once you've determined which one looks best, go to your GDI Directory and open up the INI folder. There should be 4 INI files there.

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Gentlemen, am an absolute newbie here. Any update on the latest version of GDI++ available for download? Am noticing 2 primary issues with GDI++:

1. Opening attachments in MS Outlook &

2. FT_opentype_validate entry point not found in freetype.dll.

The versions I'm currently on are:

1. Windows Vista Ultimate with an Intel 965 Graphics adapter &

2. GdiTray Version 1.0.2008.0808 / GDI++.DLL Version 8.1.2008.0808

Any pointers in this regard is highly appreciated.

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Take a look at this link - http://offset.skew.org/wiki/User:Mjb/GDI%2B%2B and the attached gditray.txt. It includes some other settings that you can put in the gdi++.ini file to enable the ability to use multiple .ini files. If you want to test or use different configs you can create a .ini folder and put .ini files in it (1.ini, 2.ini...). I was able to get them to show on the preferences menu item by selecting "Open a Folder" and then navigating into the .ini folder.


Great Settings in that ini. Looks pretty close to MAC OS now on WIN 7. :)

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