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Auto Extract Zip or Rar files

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Hey there. I don't know if there is a free version of a program like this(I know there are tons of poorly made shareware ones), but I've been using Mac OS 10.3.9(:() at school. If I download an archived file, OS X automatically extracts it, saving me a couple of steps. I know it might sound whiny, but I download a lot of archived files, and it they just... automatically extracted through some shell or script(I'm completely illiterate in coding for desktops. Web coding is a different story ;)).

Just an idea. By the way, I'm using Vista, so it would be fabulous for an application like this to be Vista-compatible.

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Neater one of those self-extract, but i do think extractnow is quick, all you have to do is double click and press the extract button But in the settings you can make it auto extract archives with a click. Also in 7-Zip all you ave to do is right-click on the arcive and say extract here. So ether extract quickly. I Personally use a combination of both to extract my zips and rars because some imported archives won't extract with extractnow, but i found that 7-Zip will extract almost everything. The good thing is that they are both free and 7-ZIP and extractnow are portable(at least you can make extractnow portable with thinstall).

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It may be possible via script but, it serves as a good stop gap IMO.

Guess, my main question(s) are what browser(s) or do you use a download manager?

Since I'm on dial-up I use a download manager & everything goes through the command line to

an anti-virus program. It may be simple to add an additional step to extract via 7-zip.

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I have not heard of a program that automatically extracts the archive by just clicking on it but ExtractNow is the best archive extractor you can actually use. Its small and lightweight and supports a lot of compressed file types (RAR, ZIP, ISO, JAR, ACE...etc).

ExtractNow Website

I often use rar files and had a lot of problems too.But today I had the biggest problem.All my rar files were deleted(mp3,films,photos).I was frightened.But fortunately my friend found-check rar file for error.Tool solved all problems in seconds and without payment.Moreover software showed how it check RAR archiver and program to check RAR file currupt or not automatically moves.

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JDownloader. I think you'd love it. It only works on rars right now though. Wish it would work on zips but accordingly they are working to incorporate other file types, which when that happens it will maybe be useful for me. Lol. I use Vista with Safari. I sometimes miss my Firefox for adblock and those other functions and am close to getting it, but I'm holding out in hopes that someone decides that us Windows Safari users want Adblock on our Safari as well. (Mac users even have a plug in that let Mozilla plug ins work on Safari...but none of that stuff is available on Windows Safari that I know of yet :( ) A friend of mine did mention/suggest looking to see if there is Stuff It available for Vista...but just barely right now when I asked her. So...off to try that now...

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