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IMHO,they're all the same,because as time goes by, each 1 tries to outdo the other - and it's never ending story.Currently I'm a user of Eudora 8 which got the thunderbird w/code & GUI elements and apple mail which gave me a little headache because of enron mails that showed up my inbox.

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Apple Mail.

(gotta love the dock icon, with the little red "you've got mail" number indicator, and the simplicity, makes it easy to search, filter and sort your mail and multiple mailboxes. Simple. Easy. Smooth.)

I've always thought the search features were a bit lacking...too oversimplified, basically. It's impeded me more than once, though I've usually found what I wanted in the end.


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I would love to use Thunderbird if it can download my Hotmail inbox.

But still, I use Outlook Express -- the same old one that comes with WinXP.

To Thunderbird users:

Is there an extension (what is it called?) for Thunderbird that facilitates Hotmail download?

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