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iChat System Tray Icon

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sorry this isnt the one i was looking for, the 1 i had in mind is like a talking bubble that looks like it is carved into the task bar :) if you get what i mean, sorta like the old ichat but the white bit in the middle is rubbed out

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Could someone give me some screenshots to show what is the difference between the old iChat icon and the Leopard iChat icon. I really dont see any difference with the pdf doc's here and the ichat tray icons I have had for years.

the differece is the old iChat icon had white in the middle of it whereas the leopard one is just an outline, nothing more :) it looks alot cooler

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Here is the converted pdf that was previously posted, the zip includes pdf, tif, png, and ico versions. I don't use Objectbar so I could not test them but If I remember right Object bar icons look better in the .tif format.


i tried, but ObjectBar doesnt accept TIF as an accepted icon format :(

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