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Vista OS X Transformation Pack

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I was trying to find ways to customize my Windows Vista PC to Mac OS X Leopard on the Internet until I found this, Vista OS X.


Basically Vista OS X is like Flyakite OS X (well almost) but for Windows Vista. This is an installer which means you check or uncheck things you would like or dislike to install (similar to Flyakite OS X installer).

For those people who are saying, "Is Flyakite OS X compatible with Windows Vista?" or asking the mighty Flyakite creator, "Can you make a Flyakite OS X pack for Windows Vista?", well then this a transformation pack for you.


I am not the creator of Vista OS X. I just found this on the Internet and thought of posting it here as this could be interesting of customizing Windows Vista. If you have any questions about this pack, then contact the creator directly by going to the official website.


Copied straight from the official website:


Windows Vista 32bit Support SP1

System Files

Boot logo, Login screen, Welcome Center, Brandings, PC-Properties, Back and forward buttons, icons, uxtheme patch


Wallpaper, Screensaver, leftsider, Rklauncher, Sounds, Cursors, Spaces


Visual Style for Vista, WinRAR 3x


Super-Small Size Installer, safe install on any partition, uninstall option, costumizeable setup to install only what you want and need, Fast installation, System Restore Point.

You can also install only the Vista OS X parts you want.


You can visit the new official website for more information, screenshots, FAQs, Download links, contact information and etc.

Vista OS X Official Site (New Website)

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nice work, would you mind putting the sounds into a .zip so that i can replace my XP sounds :)


Sorry but I didn't make it. I just found this on the Internet and thought to post it here as this could be interesting how this develops.

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Did you disable UAC before installing the transformation pack? ;)

I got a question: Is anybody interested in developing this pack? (Because I bought a new harddrive just to install Vista and try to change everything to Leopard. At least so far I can do this :P ) If so I would create a new thread and documentate my progress. Help would be appreciated because that would be my first real big modding project.

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